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"Blue Eyes California"

"Blue Eyes California"


"Blue Eyes California" is inspired by Yucca Thunder Records recording artist Chris Armes, off his debut EP release, "Ocotillo Rose."  References within the artwork can be found throughout the song titled, "Blue Eyes California."  Simon Abstracts interpretation combines Americana music with raw, urban street art attitude.


June 24th 2021, "Americana Highways"- “Blue Eyes California” is all about that love we all seek, that one that will go anywhere with us. “Wheels turning at our feet, she’ll go anywhere with me. Salt and sea, central coast, throw a dart at a map and go.”


Fine art print by Jonathan Simon


Printed on silk paper, offering refined texture, thicker weight and soft relection


Prints are hand signed upon request

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Should any problem or query regarding either the product or the purchase arise, please email me to discuss, I would appreciate it.

  • Product Info

    48 x 48" original - $4200

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